Community Upliftment and Development Organisation

Joining hands with community leaders

Fraserburg Outreach 2023

Professional people donating their time to change lives

Sutherland Outreach 2019

Companies and schools are becoming more and more involved in the blessed activities

Fraserburg Outreach 2023

To transform communities by inspiring people to create opportunities for themselves

Working with the Communities

The Youth team works with all the children of 3 to 18 years of age – well, sometimes even older! On aggregate we work daily with 300 -400 kids.

We Build and Repair

The focus of the Maintenance Team is the Community as a whole and therefor they invest their time and effort on Community buildings.

Medical Outreach

We have a team of Medical Doctors, Optometrists, Veterinarians, Pharmacists and nursing staff that serve the Community.

Community Training

Sometimes the Community leaders request that we do training courses with the community on a specific theme they feel that are trending in their community.

Some of our Work

Some of our donors